Icenia Debate Questions

Protonull · September 29, 2022

What are your thoughts on the recent departure of Temporal Isles? Do you think it was a good decision, do you think anything could have been done to prevent them from leaving? What should our relationship be with them now?

While the banter and memes have certainly been fun, the secession of the Temporal Isles sets a bad example for a number of reasons.

It would’ve made sense if the Temporal Isles was a pre-existing nation with buyer’s remorse; or had irreconcilable differences with the Icenian government; or had a large and loud separatist movement within its citizenry, but none of these things are true. The Temporal Isles was founded as a State of Icenia in full knowledge of the terms. The First Consul did not attempt to negotiate for greater autonomy for the Temporal Isles, nor attempted to defend its rights in court… instead choosing outright independence. Indeed, from what I hear, their reasons for leaving are not legal or practical, but personal. We should not be enabling people to take chunks of Icenia with them when they rage quit.

Going forward, I don’t think we should be openly hostile towards the Temporal Isle, far from it, but we needn’t go out of our way to form pacts and alliances with them. If they want to leave Icenia, that’s fine, but they can’t then demand to receive all the same benefits of being a State via alternate means.

What are your thoughts for the Security Enhancement Coalition (SEC)? Do you support the new alliance? What should be done with the Mutual Defense and Support Coalition (MDSC)?

My initial impressions of the Security Enhancement Coalition treaty itself is that it seems reasonable and well written. I’m happy that we’re furthering our ties with Southshire and forming alliances with our other neighbours. It does however seem to make the MDSC rather redundant. The only signatories to the MDSC Charter are Icenia, Petrichor, and Southshire. Petrichor is now a State of Icenia, and Southshire is also a signatory of the SEC… so unless the MDSC offers something the SEC doesn’t, it should be disbanded as redundant.

What are your thoughts on Estalia post-war? Do you think Icenia should continue to support them in their efforts? Be allies?

Given Estalia’s rather scathing remarks against Icenia, we shouldn’t pretend that our alliance of necessity is some mutual declaration of friendship. I tend not to get involved in military affairs so I leave it to our Secretary of Defence to decide whether our relationship with Estalia ought to be changed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that relationship changes in the near future, and not by our hands.

Where do you think Icenia’s next threat will come from? What will you do or support as Senator to prepare for it?

Rhode Island was such a huge threat to us in large part because of their proximity, so it’s likely the next threat will be similarly nearby. As such, I think we should prioritise cordial relationships with our neighbours and prioritise domestic infrastructure, particularly immediate safety infrastructure like panic rooms and escape routes.

What are your concluding thoughts on the Generic War? How could Icenia have done better? What should we do now?

We should honour the intention behind the name “Generic War” and let their server-killing terror fade unnamed into history. We won the war by default, not because our allies valiantly defeated them. If they couldn’t defeat them then we needn’t feel guilty that we couldn’t either. The best thing we can do is prosper in spite of the horrific crimes committed against us.

There has been some discussion recently about creating zoning laws in Icenia. Do you support height restrictions, building codes, ect. being codified into law?

While I can understand the frustration and desire to organise Icenia’s development, this nonetheless seems needlessly inefficient and bureaucratic. The biggest problem Icenia City has is the haphazard placement of people’s properties, getting worse the further west you go. What would zoning laws do that creating plots and/or having an Icenian creative server wouldn’t?

There has been a lot of discussion recently about access to advanced factories such as the advanced cauldron and the EXP exchange. What do you think about the current system of EXP in Icenia? What can be done to improve upon it?

The Government should ideally have a monopoly on Advanced Cauldron, [Advanced] Ore Smelter, and Diamond and Netherite Smith access in return for favourable rates for citizens. It destroys markets when players have unfettered access to high-level production. We should want our Government to be well funded. We should want a healthy economy. The biggest change that I’d advocate for however is having the EXP Exchange moved to the surface in a specially designed shop instead of being kept underground in an ugly cave. Since the EXP Exchange is accessible by mere lodestone teleport, I see no reason why it couldn’t be higher in Y level.

On that same topic, how should Icenia manage its factories? For example, should we have them all in a bunker or are there other ideas?

Hmmm, I don’t think we should have them all in a bunker, but having safe yet publicly accessible low-level production factories is good. We needn’t force our compatriots to duplicate the costs of a Compactor, Charcoal Maker, or Bakery, etc, nor impose a Government monopoly.

What infrastructure projects do you think need to be prioritized? Why?

Rails! We have entered peacetime, we should make the effort to not only establish a domestic network but also an international network. I’d imagine joint transport infrastructure projects would be a great jump start to cordial relations with our neighbours.

What are your other ideas for Icenia?

Most of my ideas are law related and thus would bore many of you to tears. Just know that I shall keep the Senate in check, I’ll be a prolific legislator, and I’ll be fighting for your rights and the betterment of our great nation. If you have a good law idea, tell me and I’ll propose it to the Senate on your behalf.